Why Early Age Dental Care Is So Important

Early Age Dental Care in Happy Valley, OregonParents should value dental hygiene in their children for the same reasons we value it in ourselves. Regularly brushing and flossing our teeth keeps our mouths clean and helps prevent tooth decay. This is why early age dental care in Happy Valley, Oregon, should be a priority. It helps when dental care habits are developed early. Good dental habits last a lifetime, and while it’s true that it’s never too late to learn, your dentist will confirm that the best time to do so is when we’re young.

If we help our children develop good dental care habits, it is likely that they will keep them later in life. Certainly, it is easier for children to develop new habits than an adult. Developing good early age dental care habits in childhood pays dividends down the road, both in terms of having healthy teeth and gums and avoiding difficult dental work.

There’s one major way to prepare our children for a lifetime of dental wellness, and that’s to lead by example. If our children see us brushing our teeth every day, as parents, then they’ll do the same. Similarly, if we avoid sugary drinks like soda and eat and drink a healthy diet, it will be easier to convince our children to do the same.