What You Need to Know About Getting Partial Dentures in Happy Valley, OR

Partial Dentures in Happy Valley, ORIf you have missing teeth, it can definitely cause some frustrating problems, including eating difficulties, speech issues, and cosmetic concerns. If you have multiple missing teeth in the same area of your mouth, it’s particularly bothersome, but partial dentures in Happy Valley, Oregon, can offer a satisfying solution.

Typically made from metal or plastic, partial dentures are anchored to your existing teeth with metal clasps to fill the gap and help you regain the full functionality of your mouth. Partial dentures are an alternative to dental bridges or implants, and also offer the appearance of real teeth.

How Are Partial Dentures Made?

If you are interested in getting partial dentures, the first step is a thorough dental exam. Your dentist will look for any problems that could interfere with your ability to wear partial dentures comfortably. Your dentist will place a loose denture base and wax teeth rims in your mouth and adjust them until they fit your teeth precisely. These will be used as a model for your real dentures.

When the first version of your dentures returns from the manufacturers, your dentist will fit them in your mouth and take measurements before sending them back to the manufacturer to make adjustments for your final set of partial dentures. Your dentist will also need to adjust them periodically over the next few months.