Techniques for Proper Tooth Brushing

Proper Tooth Brushing Techniques in Happy Valley, OregonThere are simple things in life that play a very major role, and tooth brushing is a prime example. It’s not a difficult skill to master, but it’s a significant one with far-reaching impacts. Those impacts can be either positive in the form of robust dental health, or negative in the form of tooth decay.

At King Smile Dentistry, it is our goal for everyone to have beautiful smiles with healthy teeth and gums. That’s why we are posting proper tooth brushing techniques in Happy Valley, Oregon, and beyond. We’re going to break it down into a few steps.

Step 1: Place your brush at a 45-degree angle to the gum line.

Step 2: Gently move your brush back and forth with short strokes. Clean all surfaces of your teeth. Remember, you want to don’t want to brush hard; you want to brush well.

Step 3: Tilt your brush vertically and use up-and-down strokes to clean the inside surface of front teeth.

Step 4: Brush your tongue, too. This removes bacteria and gives you fresh breath.

If you follow these proper tooth brushing techniques in Happy Valley, Oregon, and visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings, you will benefit by having healthy teeth and gums and a wonderful smile.