Our Dentist Office in Happy Valley, Oregon, Offers Natural Fillings

Even with consistent brushing and flossing, you can still develop a cavity. It is vital to treat this issue before further complications arise. At our dental office in Happy Valley, Oregon, we specialize in modern techniques for patients in need of fillings. From minor tooth decay to preventative care, you can reach out to us to discover the right treatment option for your smile.

The Latest Filling Advancements

Gone are the days where the only tooth filling options are metals and other unsightly materials. When you visit our office for treatment, we offer a number of different solutions to fit each of your needs. We proudly offer white fillings for our patients.

Often referred to as “composite fillings,” these white fillings are made from a combination of glass, plastic, or quartz filler. Because they are made to match the color of your teeth, you will never have to stress over someone seeing your filling when you open your mouth to speak, eat, or laugh. These fillings blend in with the existing tooth, offering a natural appearance. While most patients are free from any pain when they leave our office, others experience a small amount of sensitivity in the affected tooth.

In addition to their natural looks, white dental fillings are a popular choice for restorative dentistry in Happy Valley, Oregon, due to their strength and resistance. These fillings bond directly to your enamel, which allows them to last longer than traditional silver fillings. If you have questions about the different types, you can reach out to our team for answers.

A Comfortable Space for Your Treatment

It is natural to have a fear of the dentist. However, you should never let this fear keep you from undergoing treatment for your oral health issues. When you visit us to treat your tooth decay, we work hard to keep you feeling safe and comfortable throughout your visit. Our comfortable environment includes everything from blankets and pillows to local anesthetic. We designed our office to help every patient be calm and free from stress during procedures.

Keeping Your Kids Smiling

Start your kids on the right health path and prevent the need for future fillings by looking into sealant. This light coating is applied to the molars, offering additional protection against cavities.

Connect with our dentist is Happy Valley, Oregon, by dialing (503) 344-4633 when you need to discuss your filling options. We provide solutions for patients throughout the following areas – Clackamas, Happy Valley, and Portland.