Eating with Your New Dentures

Partial Dentures in Happy Valley, ORRestoring your teeth not only has positive impacts on your appearance but also lets you enjoy meals with confidence. At King Smile Dentistry, we have helped many patients with dentures in Happy Valley, Oregon. We always provide them with tips for eating with new dentures, and we’re going to offer them here as well.

It takes a little while for most denture wearers to get used to them as mouth, jaw, and facial muscles adapt. You’re going to want to start slowly by eating soft foods and minimizing chewing. Be careful with hot foods because the dentures will insulate your mouth, and you won’t be able to judge temperature as readily as before.

Once you feel confident about eating solid foods, make sure to cut them into small pieces. Chew slowly on both sides to keep your dentures stable. Take small bites and drink with your meals to make food easier to chew and swallow. Avoid sticky foods like taffy, peanut butter, and caramel.

When you’ve completely adjusted to your dental work, you can eat pretty much whatever you like, but we still suggest that you take care with some foods. It’s a good idea to be cautious with things like corn on the cob, popcorn, raw vegetables, whole nuts, crusty bread, and stringy meats.

A slow and steady pace will set you on the road to long-term success with your new dentures.